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Log2desk – Call Centre & Customer Relationship Management Software
  Log2desk is an amazingly friendly Customer Call Centre and Customer Relationship Management Software used by Large and Small Internet Service Providers for the management of the Service and Support functions of their Internet subscribers.

It’s a known fact in marketing that while it is very important to acquire new customers, it’s even more important to keep satisfied and to retain your existing customers. In today’s business environment where there is rampant competition for Products and Services and little product or service differentiation the promptness of service and after sales support is perhaps one of the most important benchmarked parameter which differentiates one company from the other. Moreover as the number of customer’s increase and so does the size of the support team, it’s essential to manage and assess their efficiency.

Log2Desk provides a platform to manage the customer care and support functions of the organization. It also provides the Head of Support, analytic tools to assess the efficiency of the same. Based on an open architecture, Log2desk provides real-time control of the subscribers on a centralized and a highly scalable platform. Log2desk Server can be situated anywhere within the IP network and managed by permission based access, such as administrator, service manager, customer support executive and support engineer. Log2desk Server can be administered by a web interface from anywhere in the world thus providing flexibility of operation to the service provider.
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