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'Log2space Central' Server
  Overview of 'Log2space Central'
  Log2space Central Subscriber Management Software is a feature rich, real-time prepaid / postpaid subscriber management solution for Internet Service Providers, Prepaid Internet Card Providers and Bulk Bandwidth Providers. Based on an open architecture, Log2space provides real-time control of subscribers on a centralized and a highly scalable platform. Log2space Central Billing Server can be situated anywhere within the IP network and managed by permission based access, such as network administrator, manager, agent or end user wishing to view records over a given time frame. Log2space Server is administered by a web interface from anywhere in the world thus providing flexibility of operation and control to the Service Provider. ‘Log2space Central’ is used by Large ISP’s who have presence in multiple locations / cities and who desire to control all the subscribers at all locations from a single web interface.

‘Log2space Central’ could be located at the main NOC (Network Operating Centre) of the ISP or a Data Centre. It controls all the Log2space Servers located at the ‘Edge’ of the Broadband Access Networks (POP). This greatly enhances the reliability and functioning of Authentication and Accounting for the Service Provider while maintaining complete central control. Centralized management & control provides a higher level of service confidence and adds to the ease of maintenance and configuration flexibility. Each Log2space Central Server can handle over 100 Log2space Edge Servers.
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