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  Internet has been one of the biggest contributions of modern science in the last 25 years. Internet today, is as important in our lives as perhaps electricity or telecom and it is unimaginable to think of life without it.

Internet contributes immensely as a source of information, communication, education, banking, transactions and entertainment and its use is ever growing in almost all aspects of our daily lives.

We at StreetNet firmly believe that Internet being the largest media in the world, it should be run as a media business and not as an ARPU driven Telecom business. We also feel Internet should be available to Everyone just like Radio / TV is – For Free!

StreetNet is a Mobile App which helps users get Free Internet Access on their mobile phones through Wi-Fi Networks provided by Partnering ISP’s. The Service is available only in areas where Partnering ISP’s have installed Free Wi-Fi Access Points.

At StreetNet, we are excited about the possibilities this medium offers and believe that
‘The Best has just Begun’
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